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Stay Healthy During Travel Without Missing Out

Summer is approaching, and it's a time where many of us are traveling. Not only is summer an especially common time to travel, but it’s also swim suit season, so we think now is a really good time to talk about these tips. Of course, these tips are relevant ANY time you travel, because even when you're not planning on showing skin, it's a good practice to maintain a healthy lifestyle all the time.

Can you enjoy that pizza in New York, that wine and cheese plate in California, or that gelato in Italy? OF COURSE. Half of traveling is getting to taste and experience delicious, local food. What you don't want is to feel sluggish during your trip, guilty about how you ate when you return home, or down on yourself, because you’ve “lost all of your progress." Remember that being holistically healthy is a lifestyle; an ongoing habit that never stops. However, also remember that the holistic approach comes with balance, moderation, and mindfulness. We have some tips and tricks that can help you achieve this balance by maintaining your healthy habits while still enjoying every moment of your trip.


Taking a multivitamin on a regular basis is not necessary when you are getting all the vitamins you need from your diet. It is actually preferred to obtain your vitamins through a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables rather than a supplement. However, multivitamins are great to have on hand as "insurance." A prime time where this insurance is necessary is during travel. It's typically harder to eat the way we normally do during travel, making it harder to obtain the proper level of vitamins through diet alone.

A probiotic is something we recommend everyone take every day, so be sure to take them with you when you travel, too. Probiotics keep your gut flora balanced, which helps boost your immune system and helps you better digest food and assimilate nutrients. Being on a regular probiotic can help mitigate bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and skin breakouts-- all things that tend to arise or become exacerbated during travel.



You don't want to be derailed the second you leave your house. Airport and airplane food doesn’t taste great, offers limited options, and is often filled with questionable ingredients, lots of sugar, and tons of preservatives. You're not missing out. The good news is, you can take just about anything with you! From protein bars and nuts to fruit and raw or cooked veggies, you can bring it all (You have the same limitations for liquids as you would for any liquids like sauces, dressings, nut butters, etc., so be cognizant of that.). Apart from the flight, you can keep your snacks on hand for throughout your trip, too. Bring containers with roasted or steamed veggies, like broccoli, brussels, zucchini, and carrots, and prep raw stuff like chopped bell pepper, cucumbers, or whole avocado. You can make your own trail mix, bring protein bars, bring dried or roasted chickpeas, dried or dehydrated fruit and veggies, or pack snacking fruit like apples, pears, bananas, or berries. Theoretically, you could cook a whole meal for longer flights-- something like grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and quinoa. Note that salads are a little harder to pre-make because they don't keep as well and you're limited on liquids (dressing being a liquid, although you could bring lemon wedges).

3. HAVE BALANCE: Conscious indulgences, no guilt.

You should never feel deprived or like your missing out, and you also should never go completely overboard and abandon all of your healthy ways at once. The way to get this balance is to be mindful. The key is to listen to your body and give into cravings and things you really want by approaching them with moderation and a conscious mindset. Enjoy and savor whatever you're eating or drinking, stop when you're satisfied or full, and don't think about it for another second after that. No one, individual unhealthy food choice will make you fat. It's what we do consistently day in and day out that determines our health and wellness.


When we go on vacation, we eat out a lot. Most likely, its every meal. When you get the menu, ask yourself, "Where are the veggies?" Find them. Order them. Pick a meal that has a significant veggie component, and if not, order a side salad or a side of cooked veggies. This will ensure that you're getting enough of the vital nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that our bodies require and that vegetables will provide. Another good reason for getting them in is that you create natural portion control when you eat vegetables with your meals. Focus on eating them first. They come at a cost of little calories but they're filled with water, fiber, and lots of nutrition, so you can begin to meet your carbohydrate needs, and you'll fill up on them before you get to the denser part of your meal. You'll want less bread, pasta, mac and cheese, or chocolate cake if you don't have room for it.


Walking or exploring a city on foot is an awesome way to take in the energy of a place. You can get more connected with your environment-- hearing the people, smelling the smells, and seeing the sights. You get to get some activity in, and you're immersing yourself into the culture of the city or town. If you're on a beach trip, start your mornings or end your evenings with walks along the beach (who doesn't like long walks on the beach, right?). If you're in the city, walk when you can from place to place rather than taking taxis. If you're in a small town or village, most likely everything will be within close proximity, so walking is a no-brainer. If you're in a mountainous or hilly destination, go for a hike. I bet you'll see far prettier views that way.

So let's sum it all up: pack a multi vitamin and probiotic, prep healthy food to carry on with you for your flight and to keep on hand throughout your trip, indulge consciously and with no guilt, find the veggies on the menu when you eat out, and walk everywhere you can. Healthy is a lifestyle, and it's absolutely doable to continue good habits regardless of situation. Happy travels!

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