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Our 2020 Vision

HAPPY NEW YEAR & WELCOME TO THE ROARING 20s. We thought it would be fun to open up and share our personal vision for 2020-- what each of us want for ourselves, ways we see ourselves improving, good we can do for the world and those around us.

But first...

[Quick Sidenote on "Resolutions]

We're reluctant to use the words "New Year Resolutions," and you can read all about here, but in a nutshell, it just seems as if those words have kind of lost meaning. It's something everyone does and talks about and makes a big deal about, but often we don't do it in the right way. We as a society have created this pressure and this whole thing in our heads that we need to wait for a new year to make new goals or make a change. And a lot of times, when we make these "resolutions," we make a long list of big, vague goals without thinking much about the "why" or the "how." We've all done it. Or we feel this immense pressure so we just avoid thinking about our goals all together!

What we have found to be effective is to think of just a few big goals, things we want, or changes we want to make, and then think of a few specific actions we can take to achieve that. Preferably, these will be actions or changes that can either be daily or weekly practices. As we said, the key is to be SPECIFIC. The small changes and daily actions are where the true progression happen so that you can actually achieve those larger goals.

So what is our 2020 Vision?


1. Live in the moment

2. Let go of what is out of my control, and focus on making the most of what is in my control

3. Read More



1. Tame the emotional self

2. Intermittent "fast" from my phone

3. Use less plastic (especially with food items)

4. Be more present


1. Don't sweat the small stuff

2. Keep in touch with friends or family that live far away

3. Maximize time throughout the day-- find little pockets to be productive or get in movement

The Specifics:

Like we talked about earlier, we find that goals can be kind of useless unless you get specific and think of small things you can do on a very regular basis to reach the larger goal. But we don't want to bore you with the minutia and go in depth on how we each plan to achieve all of our goals, so we'll just give some examples.

For instance, Rachel will achieve her goal of reading more by starting reading a few pages every night before bed or listen to audiobooks in the car. Lauren will "intermittent fast from her phone" by avoiding using her phone during the first and last hour of the day, and avoiding social media for the first and last two hours of the day. Jill will keep in touch with long distance friends and family by reaching out to a friend or family member each week that she hasn't talked to in a while.

Try to come up with one specific action for each of your bigger goals that you can do daily or weekly to help make sure you achieve it! If you want help or ideas, read this or reach out to us and we'd be happy to discuss!

Now, time to MANIFEST.

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