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detox veggie cauliflower gnocchi (v, gf)

We're going to get right to the point with this 15 minute, one pan meal. It's quick yet nutrient-dense, and simple yet flavorful. As long as you can get your hands on some cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe's (frozen section) and a couple other staples, you're good to go!

We always like to volumize our meals by loading them up with vegetables. In this case, we used detoxifying green veggies, like broccoli, spinach, and zucchini. We also threw in some green peas, cuz we love them, but also because they are a source of plant based protein.

Instead of making a sauce, we "sauced" it up with olive oil, lemon, nutritonal yeast, and a lemon herb seasoning blend by Fody*. Sometimes simple is the most delicious.

*Fody is a brand that carries a line of low FODMAPs foods. FODMAPs can be troublesome for people with digestive issues or chronic illnesses involving the gut, like IBS. We are not paid by Fody, just sharing information!


1 bag of Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi

~2 Tbsp olive oil (we used Conolio walnut oil and basil olive oil)

2 zucchini

1-2 C broccoli florets (depends on how veggie-loaded you want this. We use about 2 C)

1 C fresh spinach or 1/2 C frozen

1/2 C peas

1/4 C nutritional yeast

juice of 1/2 a lemon

lemon herb seasoning to taste (we use Fody)

salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper to taste

optional fresh basil for topping


  1. On medium high heat, add olive oil and frozen cauliflower gnocchi to the pan.

  2. Meanwhile, chop the zucchini into semi circles and chop your broccoli if using fresh.

  3. Add zucchini and broccoli to the pan. Cook for a few minutes, stirring to coat everything in olive oil.

  4. Add in the spinach, peas, nutritional yeast, lemon, and seasonings.

  5. Continue stirring occasionally and cook until all veggies are tender. We prefer cooking until the gnocchi is golden brown with a slight char on the veggies.

  6. Top with basil for serving.

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