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Healthy(ish) Holiday Cocktail: The Naughty Lister

We've checked the list, and we found out.... you were naughty this year. And we all know that when you're on the "Naughty List," ya get COAL. When you were a kid the thought of this was awful and just seemed downright mean. But, the adult version of being on the naughty list? It is a hell of a lot more fun, although it does still involve you getting coal (the black colored cocktail probably already gave that away, huh?). We present to you, our Activated Charcoal Margarita! See, if tequila is involved, it's gotta be a lot more fun than an ordinary lump of a coal. And of course, just like the other cocktail recipes we've shared (like this RoseMerry Cocktail and this Boozy 'Booch), we made sure this one was free from weird ingredients, dyes, and artificial flavors, and wasn't too high in sugar.

Why the charcoal, though? For one, drinking a black cocktail is just fun and it looks cool. Aside from that, activated charcoal has some amazing properties. It is commonly used as an agent for binding to toxins and impurities. If you've ever had to bring a sick dog to the vet who ate something they shouldn't have, they probably were given activated charcoal. Now, it's ability to actually cure hangovers, relieve gas, or rid your body of toxins is very theoretical. There is not a ton of evidence supporting or disproving the claims. What we do know, is that in the appropriate amount, it won't do any harm, and some people have experienced some of the benefits mentioned. We have personally tried taking 2 capsules of Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal after a night of having a few drinks and after dinner when we've experienced gas/bloating and found it to seem helpful. Do we think having charcoal mixed with alcohol will completely neutralize the toxins and prevent a hangover? No. But, like we said, it can't hurt, it might help, and in any case, it makes for a fun cocktail.

If you're wondering about the taste, it is completely tasteless. The margarita itself is made with tequila, ginger beer, and lemon-- that's it! Very simple. The lemon gives some tartness to counter the tequila, and the ginger beer gives some sweetness. We recommend choosing a high quality blanco tequila (organic if you can), and a ginger beer with minimal, simple ingredients like this one by Fever-Tree.


1 double shot tequila (3 oz)

6 oz ginger beer

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1-2 capsules activated charcoal (if you plan on having a couple cocktails, make each serving with just 1 capsule)


1. Pour all liquid ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.

2. Open up capsule of activated charcoal into the shaker.

3. Shake and pour cocktail into glass, straight up or over ice if you prefer.

4. Garnish with lemon wedge.

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