With the many counseling options and services available we can take you through every step of the way, so that soon you can sustain your healthiest lifestyle ever, long term. During our sessions we offer as much or as little nutrition education as you'd like, personalized meal plans, unlimited support between sessions, and much more. We will offer you tons of resources, from cleanses to elimination diets to recipes and grocery store lists to ensure being healthy is the easiest thing you've ever done. 
We currently serve Austin and Baton Rouge for in-person coaching. If you are outside our service area, our "The Basic" plan is available virtually. To book a personalized health counseling session, message us in the contact form or email us at

The Basic

  • A personalized meal plan

  • 2 bi-weekly in person or phone sessions/month

  • Weekly virtual check in

  • Unlimited support via text/email

  • Access to resources 

  • The Basic plan +

  • Monthly grocery store trip

  • New monthly recipes to accompany grocery items

  • The Standard +

  • Monthly pantry and fridge clean out, organization, food prep

  • single in person session

  • single pantry & fridge organization

  • single grocery store trip

  • single cooking tutorial

  • single pantry & fridge clean out, organization, food prep

  • 3 day full meal prep

  • 5 day full meal prep

Message us in the contact form or 
email us at for more info or to schedule a session.
Be sure to ask about our referral program!

Looking for something a little less involved and more affordable?

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