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With individualized wellness counseling services, I can take you through every step of the way, and make things intuitive and simple, so that you can sustain your healthiest lifestyle ever, long term.

Nutrition is the foundation to holistic wellness, but everything is interconnected, so we will also consider gut health, hormones, energy levels, relationship with food, mental health, sleep, fitness, and supplementation.

During sessions you'll receive customized coaching, education to empower you, personalized meal plans, unlimited support between sessions, and much more.

You'll be equipped with all the resources you need to ensure there's no more going on and off "diets," no more playing a guessing game with your nutrition, and no more confusion about what you should do to achieve your goals.

You will walk away feeling like living a holistically healthy lifestyle is the easiest (best) thing you've ever done. 
We offer 100% virtual coaching. To book a personalized health counseling session, message us in the contact form or email us at

monthly coaching:

  • Detailed intake & plan of action

  • A personalized meal plan

  • Additional supplemental recipes

  • 2 bi-weekly in person or virtual coaching sessions per month

  • Weekly virtual accountability check in

  • Support via text/email

  • Access to additional resources 

  • Supplement recommendations and/or diagnostic testing 

  • Holistic coaching to address relationship with food, nutrition, hormones, digestion, energy levels, sleep, and more

*contact for a consult & pricing

  • pantry & fridge organization

  • educational grocery store trip

  • cooking/meal prep tutorial

  • pantry & fridge overhaul: clean out, organize, replace

group services:

*must have a shared goal

  • couples wellness coaching

  • family or friend group coaching

course-style programs:

  • hormone balance program info here

  • check back for more programs soon


  • educational nutrition talk

  • cooking class/demo

*contact for a consult & pricing

Message us in the contact form or 
email us at for more info or to schedule a session.
Be sure to ask about our referral program!

Looking for something a little less involved and more affordable?

See our Guides and get started on your own today!

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