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Part of taking a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle includes the things you put in your body, as well as the products you use in your home. Whether it's supplements, beauty products, or household items, we typically look for minimal and mostly naturally-derived ingredients.

Below are our most trusted and used products and discount codes, where applicable. 

You'll also see a peek at some of our favorites from our Amazon shop. The full shop includes tons of our favorite picks for every aspect of your day-to-day routine as well as some other products we love and use regularly. Click here to view the complete storefront.

*We are affiliated with some of these brands and products and may earn a small commission. We commit to only partnering with brands and suggesting products that we personally use and love.
Juice Maker

discount codes for affiliated brand products
we only affiliate with brands/products we personally use & trust


Vital Red Light
("BARENUTRITION" for $$$ off)

Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 2.25.37 PM.png

Canopy Humidifier

Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 2.31.25 PM.png

Elemental Superfood Bars
"BARE10" for 10% off

Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 2.44.07 PM.png

Yellowbird Hot Sauce
for $10 off

just thrive.JPG
sakara detox.JPG

Fab. CBD Oil
("BARE10" for 10% off)

Just Thrive Probiotic
"BARE15" for 15% off

Seed Probiotic

"BARE15" for 15% off

SAKARA Chlorophyll Drops

"XOBARE" for 20% off

sakra metabolism.JPG
wandering bear.JPG
scout and cellar.JPG

Thunderbird Bars

"BARE" for 15% off

SAKARA Meals & Supplements

"XOBARE" for 20% off

Wandering Bear Cold Brew


Scout & Cellar Organic

No Sugar Added Clean Wine

branch basics.JPG

Branch Basics Non-Toxic Home Cleaning (Click for $10 off)

amazon favorites
click here to shop by category and for full Amazon shop

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