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Probiotics: Do you need to take them?

December 2, 2019

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January 18, 2019

Forbidden rice. The name alone makes you wanna try it, right? Just like Eve, and every other human, we always want what we can’t have. Good news is, we all can have (and NEED) this forbidden rice bowl in our lives. It’s filled with nourishing veggies, protein, and delicious toppings. You’ll definitely want this in your dinner rotation. 

So, what is forbidden rice? Its color comes from anthocyanins— aka antioxidants, just like in dark berries. It also is higher in protein and fiber and lower in calories than brown rice! Aside from the health benefits, it’s honestly just fun to cook with and looks cool. Gives a li...

February 22, 2018

Pesto is one of those things that just makes things taste better. Most pesto recipes are made up mostly of oil, and second to that basil and pine nuts. There's traditionally some Parmesan cheese in there, too. No wonder it's delicious, right?

And what is pesto typically paired with? Pasta. Yup. So, consuming pesto would likely entail lots of oil, some cheese, and some pasta. If we did that too often we might have a clogged artery or two and we'd certainly feel some belly bloat. 

We're not cool with swearing off any foods that we think are delicious, pesto included, and we want to have super delicious foods frequent...

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