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Probiotics: Do you need to take them?

December 2, 2019

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November 16, 2017

+ Our Version of the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe


     At some point, I think we've all heard the popular advice to eat five to six small meals a day. The theory there, is that you're never stuffing yourself, and you're never getting really hungry, so blood sugar levels stay stabilized, and you're constantly "revving up" your metabolism. However, now the opposite is also being preached:  We should have less, but more significantly sized meals, and we should periodically go without eating for an extended amount of time in between; aka intermittent fasting, aka IMF. The idea here is that your digestive syst...

April 3, 2017


     If you have yet to experience the delicious-ness and convenience of energy balls, you are seriously missing out. Fear not, because you can whip up this recipe in no time (also see our Coco Cashew Energy Ballz Recipe here). These things are the ultimate grab-and-go snack and taste so dang good that they feel more like a treat than just a means of tiding you over. You know we are all about simplicity and convenience, so a batch of these ballz can be easily prepared and stored so you can snack on ‘em all week long. The concept of our Energy Ballz are to provide a compact source of healthy fats, proteins, ami...

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