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Probiotics: Do you need to take them?

December 2, 2019

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December 11, 2017

There’s just something about mom’s cooking, right? Even the most simple things magically taste better when it’s cooked by your mom. Growing up, we remember asking our mom to make us things as plain and easy as buttered toast when we were well old enough to do it ourselves. She’d say, “Come on, make it yourself!” To which we’d always say, “Aw but pleeaseeeee. You do it better!” Same goes for this soup. She makes it all the time in the fall and winter, and it’s so easy but so delicious and comforting. We can make it ourselves (and we do, cause it’s so good!), but we still like going over to the parent’s house and h...

October 3, 2017

So, it still is hitting 90 degrees most days, but nonetheless, it’s October and that just tends to make me want more warm and cozy foods. This curry gives all the comforting feels, yet it’s still super light and clean. Using cauliflower rice instead of traditional rice is a good way to make the dish a little less heavy. We also used lite coconut milk and water for the “broth,” once again, so it isn’t so rich. 

Lentils are the main component of substance, making this dinner a great source of clean, plant-based protein. Lentils are awesome, because they cook super fast relative to other legumes, plus they’re insanel...

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