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I'm Lauren, a certified holistic health coach with a Bachelor's in Biological Sciences.

In 2016, after a lifetime of struggle with my gut health, anxiety, and (later on) hormone imbalances, my frustration had reached an all-time high with the typical options available as "solutions," a.k.a. medication as a band-aid rather than getting to the root cause. That is when I decided I wanted to take things in to my own hands and become a certified holistic health coach. It started as a way to educate and help myself, but once I started changing my life and improving my own symptoms, I decided I wanted to help others too, and start coaching.

That is when BareNutrition was born. I had enough of hearing the same frustration I had experienced from so many others left with no real solutions and feeling confused with what they should be doing and eating just to feel their best and be healthy. I set out to make things simpler and sustainable for people who are struggling just like I was.

The goal of Bare Nutrition is to make holistic wellness easy and realistic for anyone to achieve. My mission is to provide coaching, courses, and guides in addition to putting out free reliable information, simple tips, and easy and delicious recipes to support you on your wellness journey (check out the IG and TikTok).

I want to foster a community of people connected to the same goal of becoming the best version of themselves.

To do this, my focus is on shifting mindset around food, tuning into your body and individual needs, and looking at all parts of you from your hormones, to your gut health, to your mental health.


If you've found yourself here, welcome, and please don't hesitate to reach out.

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