BareNutrition was born when its founders and sisters, Rachel Crockett, Lauren Zambito, and Jill Zambito had enough of hearing the frustration from clients, friends, and family who seemed constantly confused with what they should be eating to be healthy. Who wouldn't be confused in a world where we are constantly surrounded by conflicting messages; eat low carb high protein, don't eat sugar, dairy is good, dairy is bad, fat makes us fat, fat makes us healthy. People are left not knowing if they should eat paleo, vegan, gluten free, raw-- the options are endless. Not to mention, packaged and processed foods with strange ingredients and advertised "health" claims don't make things easier.

First and foremost, we all need to shift our mindset on the way we think about food.  Food is what gives us nourishment to take on the day and the energy to keep us going.  Food is also medicine; food helps our bodies heal. This is the way we need to think about the food that is going into our bodies.  Contrary to popular belief, the way in which your body functions is not just calories in and calories out.  If you consume 100 calories of fibrous fruits and veggies versus 100 calories of chips, your body will process and react completely different. Think about how you feel after eating something fresh and light versus something packaged and processed. BareNutrition keeps it simple by focusing on eating natural and whole foods. That's it.


Rachel Crockett

Holistic Health Coach

Evolve Studio Owner


Lauren Zambito

B.A. Biology

Holistic Health Coach


Jill Zambito

B.S. Exercise Science

Student of Physical Therapy


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